Our goal is the saving of souls and the full cooperation with the Kingdom of God through evangelization, discipleship, witnessing  and the promotion of Christian marriage and family life. 

This is accomplished through the three prongs of:

Saving Lives (we are prolife)

Saving Souls (we witness)

Saving Marriages (we teach marriage rebuilding)

We accomplish this through:

•New Testament Biblical Lectio Divina


•Evangelization:  daily witnessing Jesus one-on-one

•Book writing & publishing, podcasts, and video clips via our 

                      Publishing Division: Dialog International Press, LLC

• Pastoral care workshops.

(For more information, email us on our contact page and see our Our Father's House Ministries site:  j-ci.info)    


Jesus-Centered Institute, LLC

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 434

Oshkosh, WI  54903-0434

JCI's  & DIP'S Joint Mission & Trainings

Jesus-Centered Institute, LLC & its publishing division, Dialog International Press, LLC

World Youth Day 2019 was held in Panama.  Dr. Chiara went to visit the Archdiocesan center where preparations were underway in honor of her mentor, Archbishop Clavel.

Founder, Romuald (Romy) Simeone witnessing to workers in front of the Cathedral in Panama City, where Archbishop Emeritus Tomas A. Clavel is buried.

Romuald B. Simeone

Owner, Scriptural Scholar, Writer, & Catechist


                         Creating sparks to spread the Fire of God’s Love…