​         ALSO KNOWN AS WITNESSING FOR                                    DUMMIES, SHY PEOPLE, AND FOR                                    THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW WHAT TO                                  SAY...


Come and learn with Romy, past foreign mission catechist, assistant to missionary Archbishops, theologian, and historian....

                     But you don't need all just

need to love Jesus and come out of your

shy/inhibited shell!

You can do it, and you can do it to fit YOUR


    He's gotten others like his technically shy wife to

do it, so you can too.  But you'll need some ideas

and  to learn some things about your faith, about

Who the real Jesus is.  And Who the Church is.  You might be surprised about what you will learn.  If you

like this video, you can sign up for our free teaching lecture  that follows.  It's about being Jesus-Centered, on supreme Truth, and on being witnesses.  

We love and bless you for the effort!  That'swhat 

counts.  It's not success that matters, it's the effort

that Jesus asks every one of us for!

      Prayers & Hugs....from your Jesus-Centered


(P.S. Don't forget to tell us your stories on how it


​If 92 year old Romy can do it, so can you!

Dr. Chiara's simple "Almond Croissant" mini Evangelizing Video Clip


                         Creating sparks to spread the Fire of God’s Love…