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Lectio Divina of the Books of John

The Lectio Divina of the Books of John are a treasury of Jesus’ ongoing Presence; they offer His connecting guidance in every vicissitude of one’s life journey. As personal “Love Letters from the Father” they serve as inspiration and instruction…gifting the Redeeming Savior of all to be one’s own Mentor.

They are Evangelical Tools to pass on Christ’s Good News of Salvation to those still wandering and seeking, and to accomplish on-going conversion to be totally and completely Christian.

Serious seekers of Christ, catechists, priests and pastors, preachers, retreat masters, home-schoolers, bible study leaders, and those generally seeking a deeper walk with Christ, will find these works inspiring and life-changing.

Volume I: Love Letters from Your Father: Gospel of John

by Romuald B. Simeone

Price:  $49.95

(Coming Soon!)

Jesus’ initial and youngest apostle sets the reality of His divine Sonship with the extensive prophetic proofs of Christ’s Messianic identity. John relates and witnesses Jesus’ personal miraculous contact with humanity, narrating the tragedy of public acceptance and leadership resistance that ends in murderous rejection. On the Cross Jesus fulfills His Father’s Plan of Redemption and establishes ongoing Christianity.

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(Note some selections are a partial piece of the verse that is several pages longer or starts on a previous page.)

Volume II: Love Letters from Your Father: Letters of John

by Romuald B. Simeone

Price:  $18.95

John, the last surviving apostle of Jesus, witnessing first-generation Christian Community application, demands that the total universal finality of Jesus’ divine model and teachings be accepted as divinely and infallibly given. John condemns the reinventing of Jesus as a humanizing misinterpretation and anti-Christ betrayal.  Price:  $18.95

FINALLY!  A way to understand the mysterious book of Revelations, using the historical, theological, and exegetical teachings of the Church and saints.  2000 years of combined meditation and understanding in one volume.

This DVD is a perfect Lenten Meditation for an individual or a parish.  It is also appropriate for Adult Faith Formation, as it brings alive the stations of the cross in a clear and poignant manner.  You won't leave its prayer with a dry eye.

The Human Versus Divine Church

Article by Romuald B. Simeone

Price: $5.00  (ebook deliverable upon receipt of your purchase)

Are you troubled and struggling over the recent scandals in the church?  Not sure how to look at it, or just plain angry?  Thinking of walking away from "the whole thing?"  Here's a wise view from the Fathers of the Church who also had to deal with such things.  Take a peek, it might just help a lot!

Jesus Up Close & Personal

Article by Romuald B. Simeone

Price: $5.00  (ebook deliverable upon receipt of your purchase)

Who is Jesus and Who is He to you?  This article gives you some thoughts to meditate on and a sample of Romuald's writings.

The author in front of the Cathedral in Panama City, Panama, where Archbishop

Tomas Clavel is buried, talking to the workers who are renovating the cathedral for World Youth Day, Panama City 2019

  • Rev. 1:8-9  p. 8
  • Rev.  2:1  p. 17
  • Rev.  2:9  p. 24
  • ​Rev.  2: 13  p. 27


                         Creating sparks to spread the Fire of God’s Love…

St.John Paul II with Tomas A. Clavel Mendez, Bishop Emeritus of Panama (dec.)

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We recommend the beautiful boxed set of all three volumes, with full-color box cover as a lasting set.  Price is $ 115.00

Lectio Divina Stations of the Cross & 7 Last Words

By Romuald B. Simeone, Foreign Mission Catechist & Dr. Chiara Simeone-DiFrancesco

Price:  $ 17.95

An Archbishop's Commendation

Romuald B. Simeone's lectio divina of the Books of John is a life's work; one that I have long been praying for. I am pleased to extend my blessing to it. People need to understand Jesus and to follow His Truth by Modeling Him in their daily lives. These Books of John are magnificently amplified. The author cleverly braids extensive biblical exegesis within each line of identified scripture verse by verse. This is unique and unparalleled; it eliminates much of the need to study multiple commentaries to get at the original meaning of the condensed Biblical text.

I would like to see this work in the hands of Christians all over the world, and hopefully for generations to come. We need to use Christ's Holy Word, imbued with power, as a fine-honed tool for the regeneration of our Christian lives and the evangelization of souls. Such a meditative work allows even an average Christian to bring God's Holy Word into one's own heart and soul, both as an inspiration to love Jesus more actively, as well as to evangelize lapsing family members, co-workers, and friends. This Jesus Christ asked every believer to do if they truly love!

Let us not fail Jesus by fearing to publicly promote the Only One whose teachings give value and meaning to life. Know Him Biblically and spread the gift of the saving Faith He offers to all, while making every effort to fulfill our baptismal obligation to be His warrior-disciples. This work can help you make that happen!


Tomas A. Clavel Mendez 
Archbishop Emeritus of Panama

"The threat to the marriage is more in the avoidance of conflict than in the affair."   p.177

"It's an obvious but important point that couples who stay in a relationship and are happy tend to like each other!". p. 239.

"Table 8:  Building friendship or turning into enemies.  (Adapted from Simeone-DiFrancesco and Simeone)  p. 240

"ST-C not only trains people to shift into Healthy Adult mode, but encourages the couple to use their Healthy Adult capacity to "loan" it to the partner".  p. 241.

"In Chapter 5 we look at the foundations of evidence-based couple therapy in Gottman's research and emotion-focused therapy for couples, and see some of their contributions to theory and intervention."  p. 56.

Schema Therapy with Couples: A Practitioner's Guide to Healing Relationships

By Dr. Chiara Simeone-DiFrancesco, Dr. Eckhard Roediger, Dr. Bruce Stevens

Price:  $40

Schema Therapy for Couples represents the first practitioner guide to detail effective Schema Therapy techniques in couple and relationship therapy.

  • Shows how the distinctive features of ST make it ideal for addressing the cognitive and emotion-focused problems typical in couple relationships

  • Presents and integrates a series of innovative tools and interventions such as Schema Therapy with Needs versus Wants, Mode Cycle Clash Cards, limited re-parenting visualization, and chair work

  • Authored by an international team of experts in couples therapy and Schema Therapy


“Schema Therapy with Couples is a very helpful addition to the clinical couples' therapy literature, integrating the individual challenges people face in their own growth with managing a relationship with someone else who also faces their own individual challenges. Drs. DiFrancesco, Roediger, and Stevens provide a guide through this very difficult but everyday terrain that every couples therapist must navigate.”

John Gottman, Ph.D., Author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

  • Volume III: Love Letters from Your Father: Revelations

by Romuald B. Simeone

Price:  $24.95

New release!  Just published!!

John, the last prophet of Biblical Scripture, passes on the ultimate Revelation of Jesus in Glory to His Church. It the Lord’s last will and testament, warning and defining present and future personal and worldwide oppositional challenges to morality and doctrine. The Triumphant Jesus presents His personal assurance of continuing Divine Intervention, Ultimate Victory, and the Eternal Fulfillment of every Messianic promise.  

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(Note some selections are a partial piece of the verse that is several pages longer or starts on a previous page.)

  • Rev. 2:20-21  p. 35
  • ​Rev. 3:1  p. 44
  • Rev.  3:7-8  p. 50
  • Rev.  3:17-18  p. 57