Jesus-Witnesses Listserv

for Collaborative Ecumenical  Evangelizers

What's it all about?


This listserv is part of our mission to  promote Christian evangelization (including Pro-Life endeavors)  by connecting those who are working in the trenches, providing knowledge of  effective resources, and to facilitate the development of mentoring in areas of shared experience. 

What a listserv does is create one group-email address that every member of that group can write emails to, and it immediately goes out to whomever has joined that group.  
Can you imagine the potential of these connections that  can start, deepen or develop?  

Here are some of its functions/purposes/goals:
Share insights and a Word from the Lord, encourage, connect, deepen relationships, and share resources to help each other.    
Need to shoot out an urgent prayer request or have a job to post?
Perhaps one wishes to spread the praise of the Lord by  testimony of how He is working!
Do you have the resource you need to address your situation at hand in guiding your ministry or addressing a seekers' issue?
Need a trainer or speaker?
These are all ways to use our professional listserv.  One can ignore  a listserv email or respond, as one wishes, and one can also easily unsubscribe.

Who is it for?

This is an ecumenical committed Christian group, open to those active in evangelizing and spreading the love and Good News of Jesus Christ, to help others come to know, love and serve Him.  We believe in the Apostles Creed, and that the Trinity: our Father, Jesus our Lord and Brother, and the Holy Spirit, our breath of life and inspirational strength are alive and interventional in our lives.   Included in those involved in evangelization are persons who work for pro-life in the name of Jesus.

​What are the terms and conditions with joining?

When you join this listserv you are consenting to the following ground rules.

I understand this listserv is moderated,  meaning persons breaking the ground rules will be dismissed from it and blocked from further participation.  This ensures it is kept positive and respectful. 

I understand that neither the moderator nor the ministries of Jesus-Centered Institute, LLC and Dialog International Press, LLC are responsible for the content of emails or the results or effects of them.  As such, participants are solely responsible for accepting any risks associated with participating in this listserv, including but not limited to provided contacts, connections, information and its accuracy. 

The listserv is a "closed" group.  This means it is not publicly available for anyone to join, and what you post is not open to the public. Ordinarily, the emails can only be read by other members of the group.  Email lists however, even though private, are not immune to being hacked where emails exchanged or  information  from them could potentially be made public as anyone can hack into anything.  There are no guarantees about privacy/confidentiality.   

I agree to take the risk that my emails are not guaranteed to remain private.  I agree that it is important to be discreet and not identify any particular person with whom I or others are ministering to.  

To join, you will need to email your interest to the moderator who will email you the registration form and once approved for joining, you will be able to receive and send emails from the listserv.  The approval process is  open to fellow evangelizers, and requires agreement with the ground rules with proper identification of the ministry you are involved with, or loosely constructed entities of one's own endeavors together with a letter (or scanned letter sent via email) from one's pastor or parish priest to or via post to:

P.O. Box 434, Oshkosh, WI  54903-0434

When writing us and the listserv, please sign all emails with your full name, title, and ministry name, so we can get to know you and identify your mission or ministry.

I understand these risks and agree to being discreet in protecting myself and others from the misuse of information.  I  agree to not post anything that would make others vulnerable by de-identifying (no names or specific places that would identify a particular person) any private (non-public) information that would do so.  

I agree to be courteous, respectful and polite.

I agree to address persons with proper titles and salutations, to the best of my awareness, using a gentle style that is sensitive to others.

I agree to refrain from negative identifying information or criticism of fellow members in the listserv. 

I understand that I am able to speak clearly and straightforwardly about issues in public life, the human church, or current affairs, even if not complimentary to the individuals involved, for the sole purpose of informing others of true factual information in a world of lies and deceit, so that we may arm ourselves with the truth as laid out by the Gospels and attempt to bring situations and public life  back to the Lord.  You are allowed to make necessary pro-life and political statements to inform each other and assist each other as witnesses guiding others.  You may also  speak about issues in the human church, as long as they do not judge the humans morally, rather discuss the behaviors and attitudes observed.

One can apply to join the Jesus-Witnesses Listserv by contacting the Moderator at:

We will email you the  signup form that provides you space to  provide the name or your ministry with a simple description, or if informal, a description alone, and the web address if you have one.  We ask that you would provide a letter from your parish priest or pastor that indicates acknowledgment of you being in good standing with your church, and that you are endeavoring to work in some sort of evangelizing effort and ministry, no matter how large or small.  Your ministry does not have to be at the point of being formally approved by your church.

We retain the right to terminate this listserv for any reason we believe would best serve the interests of this ministry or the Church without explanation.


                         Creating sparks to spread the Fire of God’s Love…