Jesus Christ Up-Close & Personal (Part 3)

7.    The World's Only Sin (6:31) Disavowing Its Creator.

• Humanity’s Myth of Self-Idolatry—the ignoring of the reality of Intelligent Design & Universal Objective Morality.

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Jesus Christ Up-Close & Personal (Part 2)

5.    Jesus Commands the Good to Repent (6:38) All Humans are 7-Capital Sinners.

• How the Door to Life in Jesus opens only when the “good” people become aware that self-righteous & self-justifying goodness is not good enough for an “in-love” relationship.
6.    There is Only One Sin & One Rule (6:37) Pride is Self-Idolatry; Humility is Truth.

• The Summation of Sin: to make personal choice one’s moral norm.?The Summation of all the Commandments of God: to love God mind & heart and do His Will on earth.

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Jesus Christ Up-Close & Personal (Part 1)

1. Introduction by Samuel Wood, (0:35) Newman Center Chaplain, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.

2. How Mother Teresa Fell in Love, (3:08) Finding Jesus in the World’s Abandoned.

• Mother Teresa, in love with Jesus, left her India convent that served “Jesus-seekers”, to fulfill her vow to image the “crucified Jesus” by reaching out to the most rejected.

3. In Love with Jesus--Planned & Personal (4:14) The Father’s Plan is God to Man Connection.

• Mother Teresa, in love with Jesus, left her India convent that served “Jesus-seekers”, to fulfill her vow to image the “crucified Jesus” by reaching out to the most rejected.

4. Willing to Die for Love (5:46) Self-sacrifice trumps Self-interest.

•True love is “other-commitment” to place one’s person & resources to fulfill, build up and keep another safe in life, to the death and not count the cost.

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"Jesus Christ Up-Close & Personal" by author Romuald B. Simeone

Christianity goes beyond the universal human endeavor of a man-made collection of beliefs and rituals.  It is at base a loving union & partnership with a Person – the Christ.  This recording by Romuald B. Simeone invites the listener into a love-partnership with Jesus and others.

Relevant Radio Interview 11-21-13 regarding H.I.L.D.A., Evangelization through Jesus Encountering us in Scripture & our Evangelization Pilgrimage to Italy.

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Jesus Christ Up-Close & Personal (Part 4)

8.    Love equals Activated Respect & Gratitude (8:44) Worship is the Creator’s Love Returned.​
• The solid base of love is: respectful friendly regard focused on a receptive person—responded to in kind & continued securely with reciprocal thanks. “In-love” loving is perpetual give & take gifting.

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Jesus Christ Up-Close & Personal (Part 5)

9. Jesus Liberates Us from Being Doormats (12:58) God Releases Those He Loves and Lifts Us Up.Love is: light, acceptance, partnership.
• Hate is: darkness, rejection, subjugation.
• Love-hate is oxymoronic.
• Doormat love is slavery.

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